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Planning and Finance Bureau


Dr. Joko Santoso, M.Hum. (NIP.19670613 199303 1 002)



The Planning and Finance Bureau has the task of coordinating and formulating plans, programs and budgets, monitoring, evaluating and reporting, as well as managing financial administration.


  1. Preparation of coordination and synchronization of policy formulation, program plans, activities, strategic plans and budgets;
  2. Preparation of plans for programs, activities and budgets;
  3. Coordinating and synchronizing library programs and activities at the central and regional levels;
  4. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of programs, activities, budgets, and performance accountability;
  5. Preparation of performance accountability reports for the National Library;
  6. Implementation of settlement of state losses;
  7. Treasury fostering and budget execution;
  8. Fostering the management of non-tax state revenue within the National Library;
  9. and Implementation of accounting and preparation of the National Library financial reports.


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