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Structure of Organization

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Prime Secretariat


Dra. Woro Titi Haryanti, MA (NIP. 196202161986102001)



The Main Secretariat has the task of coordinating planning, coaching, and controlling programs, administration and resources within the National Library.



  1. Coordination, synchronization and integration within the National Library of Indonesia;
  2. Coordinating technical policy planning for the National Library of Indonesia;
  3. Administrative guidance and services, organization and management, staffing, finance, archiving, coding, equipment and household of the National Library of Indonesia;
  4. fostering education and training, research and development within the National Library as long as it is not carried out by other units within the National Library;
  5. Coordinating the preparation of laws and regulations relating to the duties of the National Library of Indonesia;
  6. Coordinating in the preparation of reports on the National Library of Indonesia.


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