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Bung Karno Library's Technical Implementation Unit


Dra. Janti Suksmarini, MM (NIP. 196812111994032001)



  1. Coordination and preparation of technical policies, programs and control of the Technical Implementing Unit
  2. Bung Karno Library of the City of Blitar
  3. Pegadaan implementation, collection, management and preservation of library and non-library materials
  4. Service, collaboration and library promotion
  5. Implementation of administration, household and library equipment
  6. Research and study of literature on Bung Karno



Implementing policies in the field of the Bung Karno Library of Blitar City, as follows:
- Development and Preservation of Library Materials
Select library and non-library materials to be presented and process and preserve library materials, create / compile clippings, synopses, audio visuals, etc.

- Information Services and Cooperation
Providing collection services for book and non-book library materials and facilities in the library, such as film screenings.


Based on the Regulation of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia Number 5 of 2020 concerning the Organization and Work Procedures for the Technical Implementation Unit of the Bung Karno Library.

In pdf document format : Peraturan_Perpustakaan_Nasional_Nomor_5_Tahun_2020.pdf

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