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Training Program and Evaluation Division


Dra. Anjar Widiastuti (196611251993032001)



Training Program and Evaluation Division has task of drafting and implementing development programs and evaluating education and training library.



(a) The preparation, development programs and education curriculum and training of functional and non functional librarian; 
(b) The evaluation program of education and training library. 



Achievement activities in 2007

a. Preparation of media information Training library. 
b. Training curriculum preparation of library services. 
c. Training instructor preparation curriculum reading interests. 
d. Training curriculum introduction preparation of librarian 
e. Development Training librarian database. 
f. Accreditation Training and Education Center. 
g. Preparation of teaching materials Training materials processing libraries. 
h. Preparation of teaching materials bibliography Training preparation. 

Year 2008 

a. To provide technical evaluation training of the library. 
b. Training Evaluation organize expert level librarian. 
c. TOT Training Evaluation organizes the library. 
d. Training curriculum preparation of management information. 
e. Preparation of teaching materials Training introduction of the library.


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