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Sub Directorate Bibliography


Dra. Prita Wulandari, M.Lib. (NIP. 131874778)



Bibliography Sub directorate has the task of carrying out the preparation BNI and KIN and other secondary literature.



(a) To prepare of technical policy formulation in bibliography; 
(b) To arrange and editing manuscript BNI and KIN
(c) The bibliography, catalog, index, length sari material and other similar reference library; 
(d) The management of affairs cataloging publication (KDT) and the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). 



Achieving Activities in 2007 

1. To prepare of publishing the National Bibliography of Indonesia (BNI) of 2000 entries (4 numbers) 

2. To prepare of publishing the National Master Catalog (Kin) for 1400 entry (number 1) 

3. To prepare of publications KDT / ISBN of 1500 entries (4 numbers) 

4. To prepare of the publication Catalog of Computer Science 300 entry (number 1) 

5. To prepare of the publication Education Catalog 300 entry (number 1) 

6. To prepare of the publication of Language and Catalog Kesusastraan 300 entry (number 1) 

7. To make Cumulating the data CD of Kin form 5000 entry 

8. To Up date the data translation of the index cd of 5000 entries 

9. To prepare of the publication of Publisher 7500 Catalog entry 

10. To input data for 5000 entry retrospective

11. The Socialization ISBN / ISMN 

12. The Socialization Cooperation KIN

13. ISMN campaign through electronic media 

14. International ISMN Panel Meeting in 2007 

15. The Preparation of the ASEAN meeting Bibliography 

16. Publication and promotion librarian at IFLA 

17. To up grade database 

18. To purchase of computer equipment PD Kin, BNI, KDT / ISBN


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