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School and University Library Development Division


 Drs. Supriyanto, M.Si (NIP. 196609061993031002)



School and University Library Development Division has task of implementing the development libraries, standardization and accreditation library schools and universities



(a) The development of library schools and universities; 
(b) Collecting, processing and dissemination of information the library school and universities; 
(c) The library and the implementation of standardization and accreditation evaluation library schools and universities; 
(d) The NPP school libraries and universities. 



Achievement of activities in 2007 

a. NPP maintenance system. 
b. Pantek implementation. 
c. Preparation and discussion of the DDC edition summary continued. 
d. Preparation and printing rules cataloging Indonesia. 
e. Discussion of the printing and supplement guidelines Indomarc. 
f. Preparation of a list of annotates books. 
g. Preparation of Guidelines for Information Literacy Standard Library School. 
h. Rating libraries of secondary education a national level. 
i. scientific university libraries meeting. 
j. Forum Library Universities. 
k. Forum Library School. 
l. Socialization program NPP. 
m. Improve the quality of human resources. 

In 2008 
a. NPP maintenance system. 
b. Pantek implementation. 
c. Guidelines spatial and furniture school library. 
d. Drafting guidelines cataloging Indonesia. 
e. Rating School Library Learning Innovation Loan (LIL) Project. 
f. Preparation of standard library services. 
g. Forum Library Universities. 
h. NPP data entry. 
i. Forum Library School. 
j. Socialization program NPP


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