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Research of Librarian Division


Dra. Sarwidiarti Mrihastuti, SS., M.Si. (NIP. 131918106)



Assessment Program Development and librarian have the task of implementing programs, development and evaluation of socialization functional librarian. 



(a) Implementation and development of librarian; 
(b) The development of librarian; 
(c) Implementation of functional socialization librarian positions; 
(d) The development of the ability librarian; 
(e) Evaluate the role and utilization of functional librarian. 



Achievement of activities: 
Year 2007 
a. Data base librarian. 
b. Technical assistance inquiry Dupak. 
c. Main Meeting of librarian and medium se-Indonesia. 
d. Development cooperation coordination meeting functional librarian positions. 
e. Annual Librarian meeting of National Library of Indonesia. 
f. Socialization functional librarian positions in the print media. 
g. Scientific paper writing competition librarian. 
h. oration of main scientific librarian. 
i. Directory of official librarian. 
j. Publishing media librarian. 
k. Elections librarian national achievement levels. 

In 2008 
a. To make technical guidelines. 
b. Publishing media librarian. 
c. Preparation of standard competency librarian positions. 
d. Technical assistance inquiry Dupak. 
e. Mapping of the school library. 
f. Selection means the selection librarian achievement. 
g. Development of information systems librarian. 
h. Development of operational professional librarian.


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