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Public and Special Library Development Division


Nurhadisaputra, S.Sos, M.Si (NIP. 197710132005011001)



Public and Special Library Development division has the task of implementing the development of libraries, standardization and accreditation, and special public library. 



(a) The development of special and public libraries; 
(b) Collecting, processing and dissemination of public information and special libraries; 
(c) The library and the implementation of standardization and accreditation, and evaluation of public library special; 
(d) Number of Main Library (NPP) and special public library



Achievement activities in 2007

a. Development of Public Library. 
b. Preparation of the operational / technical guidelines Public Library District / city block grant recipient. 
c. Classification preparation typology Public Library District. 
d. Classification preparation typology Provincial Library. 
e. Stimulation Library collection House of Worship. 
f. Rating Public Library District National level. 
g. Rating bookmobile service National Level. 
h. Public Library Forum. 
i. Forum Library Special. 
j. Coordinating the development of Digital Library in the Library District. 
k. Updating data and Special General Library. 
l. Coordinating the development of Public Library District. 

Year 2008 

a. To help for the Public Library District. 
b. Monitor and evaluate the Village Library. 
c. Improve the quality of human resources. 
d. Preparation of standard library collection. 
e. Master plan and the Public Library Public Library Manifesto. 
f. Public Library Forum. 
g. Forum Library Special.


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