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Library Material Processing Division


Suharyanto, S.Sos., M. Hum. (NIP. 760000213)



Materials Processing Libraries Division has the task of carrying out library materials.



(a) The Cataloging implementation, classification and post-cataloging library materials 
(b) The verification of libraries; 
(c) To feed the data to the data base (retrospective & current); 
(d) The arrangement, implementation and development of feature-name authors, corporate bodies and subject. 



1.To Rescue, preservation and processing photos IPPHOS as much as 10,000 former and completeness of the photos in 9 regions IPPHOS 

2. To Coordinate and consultation of the collection and processing library materials 

3. To maintain data base. The target of this activity is the inventories collection 
Processed in the current year and maintained data base of as many as 6000 entries processing 

4. Development and maintenance shelfist catalog. The target of this activity is the development and maintenance and carried out catalog shelfist in the field of Library Materials Processing 5000 entry 

5. Software development field for Materials Processing Libraries 

6. Retrospective conversion. The target of this activity is finished of the collection of data entry National Library 40,000 entries to the data base INLIS 

7. To carry out the improving and the quality of human resources both within and outside the country. Targets of these activities are increasing with the quality of human resources to human resources send to Malaysia, Singapore and Makassar as well as participation in the IFLA Congress in Durban ape Town 

8. The Consultation name changes in India AACR2 rules (Australia) 

9. Preparation LAKIP (Government Institute Work Accountability report)
Center for Collection and Processing Library Materials 

10. Workshop rules cataloging library materials for publishers. 
11. Authority files in the data base. Targets of this activity are the improvement in the feature name data base of 5000 entries 

12. Heading the preparation of Corporate India 

13. Heading the list of drafting revisions Names Author Indonesia 

14. Preparation of handbook / manual physical application 

15. Preparation of handbook / manual classification

16. The preparation of national control feature 4000 entry 

17. Drafting and publishing a list of library annotate catalogs the subject of Islam as much as 2000 entry 

18. Reprint book of library materials 

19. Preparation of the revision of guidelines Indonesia cataloging part 2 

20. To make company profile and brochure 

21. The Procurement of equipment and data processing

22. The Procurement of RFID inventory collection 

Book List Materials Processing Results of Reader in 2007 

1. Supplements Subject Heading List 

2. To head the list of names Author edition 2 

3. To head the list of names Corporate India 

4. To Guide Post-cataloging Materials Library in Indonesia 

In 2008 

1. Supplement cumulating of the subject header (1 manuscript) 

2. To be material processing library materials (sound recordings and motion picture) 

3. Development and maintenance shelfist catalog. The target of this activity is the development and maintenance to carry out catalog shelfist in the field of Library Materials Processing 4000 entry 

4. To organize collections of libraries Idayu of 7500 copies 

5. To organize collections IPPHOS of 7500 copies 

6. To organize information in library collections of the National Library 9750 copies 

7. The Center for the Management of KDP collection 

8. To prepare Heading List Names Author Indonesia as much as 2000 entry 

9. The Preparation of a list of classification Indonesia

10. The Disposition classification Indonesia Literature

11. The preparation of Crown Corporation of 1500 entries 

12. The Preparation LAKIP Development Center Collections

13. The Preparation of guidelines multimedia processing library materials 

14. The Procurement Tatle tape box of 40 

15. Re-cataloging as many as 13,000 entries 

16. The Development of the hardware equipment data processing Center Collection Development 

17. The Conversion of 300,000 entries retrospective 

18. To Input data of the new library and to deposit in the data base of 200,000 

19. The Maintenance of data base processing of library materials 4250 entry 

20. The establishment of the Standing Commit for the creation, development
, editorial guidelines and the authority of the technical processing of library 

21. The Authority files in the data base for 8000 entry


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