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Structure of Organization

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General Collection Service Division


Luthfiati Makarim, SS., MM. (NIP. 197204052005012001)



To conduct public service collections



(a) The collection services and general reference; 
(b) The translation and consultation services library. 



Year 2007: 

1. The establishment of the Open Service of National Library RI on Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan and E-Mobile Library
2. Library visiting day and Reading Month delight. 
3. Writing articles about race Library. 
4. Writing poetry about the competition level of junior high school library / high school equivalent. 
5. Story Telling. 
6. Guidance Library for user. 
7. Services around the Electronic Library 
8. Study of Public Service Collections division

Year 2008. 

1. The Exhibition of National Resurrection century. 
2. Story Telling. 
3. Library visiting day and Reading Month delight, Day and Youth Oath Day Heroes in 2008. 
4. Seminar "Strategic Role of the library in the spirit of improving the nation." 
5. Guidance Library for user. 
6. Writing articles about race libraries. 
7. Various levels of competition for kindergarten students through high school level.


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