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Digital Transformation Division


Wiratna Tritawirasta, S.Kom. MP (NIP. 197304272002121003)



Digital Transformation division has task of conducting the actual preservation of library information through the media over digital media.



(a) The transformation of the womb information of treasure rare library material cultural heritage of the nation is created and maintenance of digital and storage master digital information; 
(b) The transformation of digital information to new media. 



Achievement activities in 2007 
1. Media articles over 300 magazine titles 
2. Transfer of digital media as much as 80 rare photos as 7000 pages
3. Over the media images of historic 2500 entry 
4. Digital media over the ancient manuscript of 60 titles as 7000 pages
5. Digital media over the ancient map of 500 pages 
6. Over digital media magazines and newspapers as 100 titles 
7. Collection of digital media over the image of 2500 entries 
8. Script packaging information, photos, maps, magazine articles 
9. Packaging information Indonesian traditional dance 
10. Digitizing collections of Bung Karno 
11. Digitizing manuscript collections on the Penyengat island 
12. Maintenance and care of equipment digital 
13. Improvement and development of human resources Digital Transformation 
14. Digitizing library materials of National Library RI 

Year 2008 

1. Preparation of Technical Guidelines Digital Preservation
2. Transformation of materials from non digital format of national Library to the digital library format as 1500 titles. 
3. Transformation of digital images IPHOS collection of 7500 pieces 
4. To make straight back selected information in multimedia format (digital transformation) as much as 15,000 files 
5. Media articles over 300 magazine titles 
6. Medium rare books over 300 titles 
7. To instead the media script historic photos and pictures of 1500 entries 
8. To instead media codex of the title page 70 
9. Over the media map of the ancient title of 400 
10. Over digital media magazines and newspapers long as 80 titles 
11. To pack information: a map of ancient script options 
12. Digitizing manuscript collections in the island archipelago Lingga - Riau sebayak 3500 page 
13. Human Resources Development in improving Digital Transformation.

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