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Structure of Organization

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Deputy of Library Material and Information Service Development



Dra. Ofy Sofiana, M. Hum (NIP. 131792094)


(a) Deputy I has task of policy formulation and conduct in the Field of Library Material Development and Information Services; 
(b) In implementing duties, Deputy I in the administration is coordinated by Prime Home Secretary


(a) Formulating in technical policy implementation, provision of assistance and guidance in the development of library and information services; 
(b) Controlling in technical policy in the development of library and information services; 
(c) Implementation of the tasks in accordance with the policies established by the head. 


(a) The implementation of Law. No.4 of 1990 on the save and print work record 
(b) Rescue of script-script archipelago of extinction and the destruction conservation and media shift
(c) Rescue, conservation and processing photos IPPHOS




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