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Audio Visual Cartography and Other Non Book Material Development Work Group


Dra. Nitasary M. (NIP. 131794165)



1. To collect Material Selection Audio visual. 
2. To accept an additional audio-visual collection of gifts and exchange rates. 
3. To prepare files interfile desiderata audio visual. 
4. To create data bank of audio visual selection. 
5. To verify of the audio visual library. 
6. To conduct a survey of audio-visual library. 
7. To carry hunting library audio-visual materials. 
8. To prepare a list of materials selection plan audio visual library. 
9. The audio-visual library materials. 
10. To enter into the main audio-visual book. 
11. To make a list; send the audio-visual library materials to the Field Processing. 
12. To prepare, the list of additional library collections audio-visual materials. 
13.To insert a multiplication result to the audio visual data base acquisition. 
14. To create reports on the work in accordance with the rules you set. 
15. To make the evaluation work plan based on the set. 
16. To conduct a job to support field activities, working groups and related libraries.


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