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04 Sep 2019

Meaning behind Bung Karno’s Mental Revolution Concept

Palembang, South Sumatera-Bung Karno once said that Dutch-like attitude or ‘holand denken' mentality, taking all things lightly, not thinking big, miser mentality, plagiarism, uncreative, lack of confidence, always instant-oriented, not wanting to go through process, reactionary (opposing attitude), contra-revolution (against revolution), always suspicious of others within one nation still plundered the behavior and order of society. The mental revolution that was initiated by Bung Karno is still relevant to address state and nationality’s condition today.

"Amidst moral decadence and solutions offered by experts on the importance of nation's character education, Bung Karno has long since put forward mentality revolution as a provision for people to live prosperous," said Head of Service Information and Cooperation of Bung Karno Library Agus Sutoyo during Socialisation of Bung Karno’s Ideas and Library at South Sumatera provincial government auditorium, on Wednesday (4/9).

The implementation of Mental Revolution is Bung Karno’s concept of thought expressed in 1957 containing Simple Life, Hygiene and Health Movement, Awakening of Cooperation Spirit, Illiteracy Eradication Movement, Launching of State-owned and State Companies; as well as Raising of National Awareness. "Indonesia does not belong to one group, not belong to one religion, not belong to one tribe, not belong to custom, but belongs to people from Sabang to Merauke," added Agus Sutoyo.

In every occasion, either speech, or when mingling in communities when visiting regions, he has conveyed to carry out mental revolution, such as encouraging simple life, the spirit of cooperation, and eradicating illiteracy. The three values brought by Bung Karno are very relevant to be promoted and applied in the communities. Bung Karno was eager his people to own great spirit for intelligence through education.

The mission of nationalism, patriotism, and piety of the communities is also being instilled according to the spirit of the Proclaimator. "Fostering fondness of reading is the same as when Bung Karno promoted the spirit to eradicate illiteracy. That's why reading is very important," asserted Agus.

Especially in South Sumatera, the communities’ reading culture is increasingly pleasing. Each activity held by library or related to fondness of reading, is always responded with great enthusiasm. For example, mobile library that becomes one of public media to get information is always crowded when stopping by to fulfil community service demand. Being proactive is necessary to pursue the lag suffered by communities in obtaining knowledge and information. Knowledge Transfer that librarian should do is providing enlightenment to communities, not just delivering collection directly.

Bung Karno Library Socialisation was attended not less than 350 participants consisting of college and school students. Present at the occasion were Secretary of Sumsel Library Office, Muhammad Faisal, and academics from Universitas Sriwijaya.



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