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07 Jul 2020

Chairperson of PP IPI: Librarian and Library Collaboration is the Key to a Successful Library Transformation

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - After going through various dynamics, the Indonesian Librarian Association (IPI) was finally formed through a Congress in Ciawi, Bogor, in 1973. In accordance with the ideals at the beginning of its establishment, IPI is determined to improve the professionalism of librarians so that they can play a role in building the nation.

At the IPI Congress and Work Meeting 2019 in Batam, IPI has a big goal to improve the professionalism of Indonesian librarians, developing library science, documentation and information, devoting and practicing energy as well as expertise for the nation and state.

"The theme of librarians in the past, present, and in the future is expected to bring up passion, energy and enthusiasm that is always renewable to advance the profession and the library to be more advanced," said Chairperson of the Central Executive Board of IPI, T. Syamsul Bahri, during the commemoration of Indonesian Librarian Day and IPI's 47th Anniversary in Jakarta, Tuesday (7/7).

IPI hopes that through a number of program innovations, potential cadres will emerge. Who are able to bring the associations at regional and international level.

One of the programs that IPI focuses on is the professional development of librarians. However, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the implementation of the program must be carried out through a webinar. Topics regarding library policy, library transformation, and welfare literacy or best practice in the service sector, for example, will be held by IPI in a series over the next 16 weeks.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the social order in everyday life. Even library services are not spared from health procedures. However, the presence of the National Library of Indonesia's digital library services -when almost all activities are carried out at home- are considered very helpful in completing school and academic tasks for students.

"There are at least three principles of library services during a pandemic, namely how to make library more sought after, turning the pandemic situation into benefits and profits, and making the role of librarians grow even more during the pandemic," added Syamsul.

Syamsul also emphasized that the library paradigm has changed. Not only conventional style. Libraries are obliged to use a touch of technology and a humanistic approach so that the benefits of the existence of libraries are felt in the community.

Therefore, IPI is ready to support library transformation programs in the digital era. Like it or not, library must adapt to the times. Given that the library plays an important role as a source of knowledge.

Collaborative roles of librarians and libraries are needed in supporting the realization of the transformation of libraries based on social inclusion through the availability and ease of access to quality library materials and information sources as well as the support of personnel who have competency in managing information.

"The library must be a space for synergies in community activities so that there are benefits and impacts on the community and in the end it can improve their welfare," explained Syamsul Bahri.

In addition, the Chairperson of IPI also urges PD IPI at the provincial, regency/municipal levels to immediately consolidate management, synergize with PP IPI regarding the programs that will be rolled out.

As an association, IPI still has a lot of homework ahead. Moreover on IPI's responsibility as a government partner.

"The task and role of IPI as a wing of the National Library of Indonesia is to support and succeed in all National Library programs and libraries in the regions," concluded Syamsul Bahri.


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