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07 Jul 2020

Commemoration of the IPI Anniversary: Director of National Library Reminds IPI's Promise

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - The momentum for the Indonesian Librarian Association (IPI)’s anniversary should not only be celebrated ceremonially, but can be an evaluation of the progress of organizational performance achievements. This was conveyed by the Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, in the commemoration of Librarian Day and 47th Anniversary of the IPI organization, Tuesday (7/7).

"Because at this time librarians are required to take action. What will be done to develop the library. I underlined several programs that must be realized by the management because those were said during the inauguration of the IPI management at the Congress in Surabaya," he said.

Some of these programs, continued Syarif, included forming IPI management at the regency/municipal level, forming an assessment team at institutions or partners, taking part in assessor training and taking part on existing library standards. In addition, Syarif Bando hopes that IPI can create a coaching roadmap for library development in Indonesia.

As mandated in Law No. 43 of 2007 concerning Library, Law Number 13 of 2018 concerning the Handover of Printed Works and Recorded Works (SSKCKR), make librarians must continue to develop themselves. Especially in the current pandemic era, the role of library is still far away in presenting information or data.

"I want librarians to be able to surf in providing information using technology," added Syarif Bando.

In accordance with the theme of this year's IPI Anniversary, namely "Librarians in the Past, Present and Future", which means how the librarian's ability to explore existing history. So that librarians are able to convince all elements of the nation, as the existence of national identity.

On the occasion, an International Seminar on Librarianship was also held which presented three speakers, including the supervisor of PP IPI, Sulistyo Basuki, President of IFLA, Christine Mackenzie, Chair of PD IPI South Kalimantan, Ahmad Syauqie.

In her presentation, the President of IFLA, Christine Mackenzie, conveyed six reasons why librarians and libraries need professional associations. "On a personal level, of course, it can increase the network and colleagues of librarians as well as for the development of their profession as a librarian," Mackenzie explained.

At the national level, librarians can provide input to the government and the legislature regarding the regulations governing library. Meanwhile at the international level, librarians can express anything to develop their profession.


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