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10 Dec 2020

National Library Synergises to Create Quality Librarian

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - National Library (Perpusnas) encourages synergy with formal education providers to create quality librarians. Quality librarians are needed to be able to provide excellent library management and services for library users.

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando said the need of librarian is not in balance if compared to the number of graduates from library science department. Of the number of higher education institutions that have Library and Information Science Programmes, 13 are of Diploma 3 (D3) level, and only 33 universities have undergraduate level (S1).

"So, this is our challenge if we want to create a sufficient number of professional librarians. If we look at the data on de facto library staff, the number of librarians in the archipelago is still limited," he explained in Synergy of Formal and Nonformal Education in Creating Quality Librarians Webinar, Thursday (10/12).

That being said, librarian competency development is in accordance with the mandate of Law No. 43 of 2007 on library, article 33 section 2 states that education for guidance and development is carried out through formal and nonformal education.

"This is the importance of synergy to design training and education to welcome the current digital technology era. Because it is impossible for us (National Library of Indonesia) to formulate without the participation of universities to design the syllabus, because we also need to carry out training to prepare librarians for changes in which many jobs will be lost,” he said.

Unpad Library Science lecturer, Agus Rusmana said, in carrying out their duties, librarians must have synergy between the application of theory received in lectures and practice in the field. Even though there is an assumption that theory is not the same as practice in the field, actually theory is very supportive of some of the existing novelties and can be a solution to developing problems.

"By applying theory and practice while on duty, the work carried out by librarians can be more accountable," he said.

Meanwhile, UI Library and Information Science lecturer, Luki Wijayanti said, each Library Science study programme in each university has its own uniqueness. Synergy must be carried out based on this uniqueness, so that this uniqueness develops into a potential that can contribute to strengthening synergy.

"What the advantages are, in accordance with the needs of students, in terms of compiling a curriculum together as well as a mapping mechanism in courses, we must also study the needs, then how to organise training programmes that may not be included in the curriculum and collaborate in the implementation of education and training," she explained.

Syarif Bando added, as of January 1, 2021, open learning will begin with a quota of 1,000 people per day, which can be used by anyone. For this reason, National Library invites smart people in Indonesia from formal and nonformal education sectors to share knowledge and experiences. "Including academics in the field of librarianship, we invite them to be able to provide their knowledge for the community," he continued.




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