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08 Dec 2020

Protecting Copyright to Build Nation’s Civilisation

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - The role of National Library in the efforts of protection against copyright infringement is based on Law No. 13 of 2018 on submission and deposit of printed and recorded works. This was conveyed by Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Services Ofy Sofiana in a webinar entitled Protecting Copyright to Build Nation’s Civilisation, Tuesday (8/12).

"Printed and recorded works are products of nation's culture which have strategic and important role. Namely as one of the benchmarks for nation's intellectual progress, as a reference in the field of education and science and technology development, and the printed and recorded work is also a tracing tool of a nation's civilisation historical record. So, we all agree that it must be preserved,” she explained.

According to Ofy, the objective of carrying out submission and deposit of printed and recorded works is to guarantee the safety and security of works from the dangers posed by both nature and humans. For example, abuse or copyright infringement. Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando who was also present explained the importance of awareness to preserve the works of this nation's children in the library. According to Syarif, the strength of a nation's civilisation lies in the works stored in its civilisational institutions.

"The symbol of a nation's civilisation is the works and relics of its past. A country is said to have high civilisation if it can collect all legacy sources from its predecessors or ancestors," he added. Syarif Bando emphasised that in the role of protecting copyright through submission and deposit of printed and recorded works, National Library's task is to prepare adequate infrastructure and human resources, build cooperation with national library partners regarding utilisation, and display the works of nation's children in global competition.

On the other hand, General Chairperson of Karya Cipta Indonesia (KCI) Dharma Oratmangun revealed that collective awareness of the community about copyright protection in Indonesia, especially copyright owners, still tends to be low.

"The awareness to record, to record data, and so on is still not well implemented," said Dharma. The existence of Law on Submission and Deposit of Printed and Recorded Works, in his opinion, is proof of the presence of state and the strategic role of National Library in copyright protection and efforts to protect civilisation.

Music observer Bens Leo recounts one clear example of a lack of awareness of copyright, namely the legendary Indonesian musician Didi Kempot. “There are many videos that were not recorded by his family or by institutions related to copyright. It is important to note that the works of Indonesian writers or singers in the occasion to create their own works are still not recorded properly, they are not stored properly,”said Bens.

Bens also appreciated the presence of National Library which is ready to accept the works of writers and musicians to be stored in National Library even for free.




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