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01 Dec 2020

Library, the Key to World-Class Campus

Jakarta — Universities are urged to change the perspective and physical condition of libraries to become world-class. Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando stated that keyword for world-class universities is library. He added that the quality of Harvard, Stanford, and several other world-class campuses is produced by students who love to read.

Such was conveyed by Syarif Bando on a webinar with the theme "Transformation of Librarians and Libraries in the New Normality" in the occasion of Bahaudin Mudhary University (Uniba) Madura Anniversary which was held online on Tuesday (1/12/2020).

"To make Uniba a world-class university, we must fully support it and I am sure that the parameter is that we all have to change. The library must be modern, students must believe that reading is the best transfer of knowledge," he explained.

He emphasised that universities must be open to society in understanding and obtaining knowledge so as to produce superior human resources. Higher education institutions are encouraged to produce graduates who can produce quality goods and can be used in global competition. This is in accordance with the fourth level of literacy formulated by National Library, in which literacy is the ability to produce goods and services of global quality.

"We took this formula because of President's direction in the cabinet meeting that it is important for us to stipulate in RPJMN about improving the quality of human resources because Indonesia has problems with trade balance, namely imports are always greater than exports. Because domestic production capabilities are very limited. Even though our raw materials are abundant," he said.

Chairman of Kudsiyah Foundation, Bahaudin Mudhary Ahsanul Qosasi, stated that library is a means of learning. Because basically, the essential need for human is to continue learning. Library as the heart of education is a collection of scientific information. So, library must be a comfortable and attractive place.

"Things like this, should not be underestimated of our library. Therefore, our library must be improved, managed properly so that people visit to read and have recreation. Madurese people have a low reading interest, so we prepare comfortable place, good book for them to read and hone their skills to improve themselves," he explained.

Member III of the Republic of Indonesia Audit Board emphasised that physically, library should not be dusty and too tidy. Because such a library means that it does not succeed in carrying out its roles and functions to educate the nation. "So, library management must be as attractive and comfortable as possible," he concluded.





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