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27 Oct 2020

National Library Ready to Facilitate GPMB Educating the Nation with Literacy

Salemba, Jakarta - Law Number 3 of 2017 on Book System aims, among other things, to foster literacy culture, produce quality, cheap, and equitable books, as well as promote Indonesia's national culture. On the other hand, libraries also play an important role in educating the nation by using it as a place for lifelong learning in developing community potential. Therefore, consistency is needed in implementing the fondness for reading movement to build superior human resources.

"This webinar is one of strategic steps having been established between National Library of Indonesia (Perpusnas) and Reading Interest Fostering Movement (GPMB) in order to create Indonesian society with literacy culture and support national development priorities to produce superior human resources," said Head of Library Analysis and Reading Culture Development Centre, Adin Bondar at GPMB National Seminar with the theme 'History of Indonesian Literacy Movement, Map, and Paradigm: Development and Achievements', Tuesday (27/10).

Furthermore, Adin emphasised that National Library will continue to encourage and facilitate all activities held by GPMB throughout Indonesia. "Even though we are currently in a state of Covid-19 pandemic, we must remain productive to build fond of reading society. Thus, it is expected that Indonesia's target in 2045 to become a developed country supported by quality communities can be achieved," he said.

Deputy Chairperson of DPR RI Commission X, Hetifah Sjaifudian explained that the constitutional duties of Indonesian state government in paragraph 4 of Preamble of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia include protecting the entire nation and all Indonesian blood and advancing public welfare, educating the nation's life, and participating in implementing world order based on freedom, lasting peace, and social justice.

Furthermore, Hetifah said literacy is an important movement to educate Indonesian nation. "DPR RI Commission X is very into in encouraging National Library in making good planning, forging solid collaboration with other institutions, and improving guidance of Community Reading Parks and community libraries," she explained.

Meanwhile, Senior Professor of Universitas Halu Oleo FKIP, Hanna, revealed that today the term literacy is very popular and is often mentioned on various occasions. So important is the meaning of literacy, government through National Library and several partners made a special movement related to literacy.

"Al-Quran introduces literacy to Iqra’, which means read it because by reading we can generate new creative and innovative ideas. In fact, 80-90% of knowledge is obtained from reading,” said Hanna.

The last speaker, Chairperson of PP-GPMB II, Herlina Mustikasari, explained that traces of literacy have been seen in Indonesia in the writings on historical caves, palm leaves, and even animal skin. In addition, there are also relief stories on temples and inscriptions from the 5th, 6th, and 7th centuries. Since then, literacy has continued to develop until now until the digital era in the form of literary pages, blogspot, e-book, e-magazine, e-news, web, and so on.

The challenges that must be faced in the era of digital literacy, according to Herlina, among others are not all information on the web has the same quality, digital literacy users have different knowledge, awareness of data, and abilities, there is an erosion of cultural heritage values, and the broad extent of information coverage on the internet creates reluctance to think independently.

"Actually, Indonesian people already have the roots of literacy culture, but other new cultures have eliminated literacy, for that we need a movement or work programme and new strategies so that literacy can grow again. In the future, with a literate society, hoaxes will disappear,” explained Herlina.




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