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23 Oct 2020

Learn from International Librarian

Salemba, Jakarta - Younger generation is the generation that brings reform, a generation that should blow the winds of change. Young people in the field of librarianship have the potential to make discoveries in library field, either in the form of ICT development or Indonesian librarianship concept. Responding to this, National Library of Indonesia held a webinar with the theme "Learn from Global World, Act for the Nation". This webinar is an opportunity to learn about librarians and librarianship on the global stage in performing acts of kindness on national stage.

University of Hawaii at Mãnoa is one of the largest public universities in Hawaii. As in Indonesia, public universities in the State of Hawaii receive government funding of 600 million US dollars and University of Hawaii at Mãnoa receives 300 million US dollars. Of this amount, only four percent or about 16-17 million US dollars are used for library operational costs.

Southeast Asian Studies Librarian at University of Hawaii at Mãnoa Rohayati Paseng said that the tasks she had been doing during her career at Cornell University (1996-1999) and University of Hawaii (2001-present) were broadly the same, among others, managing collection development, references, teaching, and other organisational duties.

"Based on my career experience as a librarian at Cornell University and University of Hawaii at Mãnoa, the assignment is the same, it’s just the status as an academic librarian, which is different because of the wide variety of types," explained Rohayati at "Learn from Global World, Act for the Nation" Webinar, Friday, (23/10).

Rohayati further explained that librarians, especially at University of Hawaii at Mãnoa, if they are not competent, they cannot be promoted. In other words, competence and professional development are closely related. During Covid-19 pandemic, library services at Hamilton Library University of Hawaii at Mãnoa were centered on digital services including providing full text collections through HathiTrust, Wiley and JSTOR, providing virtual references, and interlibrary loans accessed only electronically.

Meanwhile, the founder of Magbasa Tayo Movement, Kevin Conrad T Tansiongco, explained that the vision of Magbasa Tayo Movement is to make reading materials easy to access, increase the number of libraries, and enhance reading experience.

"Community Reading Parks (TBM) and libraries play a very important role in national development," said Kevin. Rohayati and Kevin agreed that libraries are source of information. Libraries must also be able to keep up with digital developments in order to still be able to provide the best service to all people.





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