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22 Sep 2020

Cerita Setelah Fajar and Jejak Sang Putra Fajar Books from the Social Inclusion Workshop were Launched

Blitar City, East Java – Creative Writing on Popular Scientific Work and Historytelling workshops held by Bung Karno Library produced very inspiring results. The output of this activity was books entitiled Cerita Setelah Fajar and Jejak Sang Putra Fajar which were launched by the Head of Bung Karno Library, Tuesday (9/22/2020) at Bung Karno Library Amphitheater. The book launch which was carried out together with the Hastakarya Literacy opening ceremony was quite lively. This event was attended by 37 authors who had written their notes in the two books, as well as the Hastakarya Literacy participants. Head of Bung Karno Library Janti Suksmarini said that social inclusion-based library activities held by Bung Karno Library are national priority activities that have been proclaimed by Director of National Library, where all library institutions are expected to continue to bring library closer to the community through various social inclusion activities. “At Bung Karno Library, there were 4 (four) inclusion-based activities carried out, which originally included 10 activities but because of the Covid-19 pandemic we were asked by National Library leaders to revise these activities which are intended to help government with this Covid-19,” she said. 

Meanwhile, the person in charge of the activity, Agus Sutoyo, said that the book Cerita Setelah Fajar was the work of participants of the literacy workshop on creative scientific writing about Bung Karno some time ago and the launch of this book was a form of appreciation and motivation for all participants. On average, according to Agus, what they wrote was related to Bung Karno’s thoughts which could be emulated in social life. “We try to facilitate, encourage people who have the desire to write and make it happen in the form of real works and one of the result can be realized in the form of this book,” he said.   

The book launch, said the Head of Information and Cooperation Services, which is now transformed into a Library Information Service and Cooperation Coordinator, as one of the library transformation activities based on social inclusion, creative writing and historytelling workshops are a form of social inclusion implementation manifested in Bung Karno Library. *


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