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22 Sep 2020

Improving Community Welfare in Covid-19 Pandemic, Reading Mother of Blitar Regency Empowers Vegetables and Cloth Masks

Jakarta – In the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, Reading Mother of Blitar Regency Ninik Rijanto continues to be creative in inviting public to carry out activities even in limited conditions. The activities carried out are producing patchwork mask, knitted mask, and selling vegetables. According to the Head of Blitar Regency PKK Driving Team, this was done in collaboration with craftsmen who were then sold online.  

Ninik explained this was an effort to carry out library transformation based on social inclusion as a solution to improve community welfare despite pandemic conditions. “The empty condition of market and the decline in people’s purchases in Covid-19 pandemic could inspire the formation of a simple online market initiated by PKK Library manager in Bajang Subdistrict,” she explained. In addition, Ninik also made a breakthrough of half a billion masks which provided an opportunity for library transformation in producing mask.

Ninik also empowers the community by inviting women to take part in the training on making healthy snacks. In addition, subdistrict and village libraries have provided information and communication technology service to meet the needs of students in doing school work in this new normal era. In order to become a mainstay of society, library must be comfortable and attractive. In addition, the available book collection must be adequate and up to date so that visitors don’t get bored.

The social inclusion-based library transformation program can be applied with a collection of books that provide skills and training to community in increasing the literacy so that welfare increases. “All skills, training, books must already exist. For example, today is the season for making mask, then we must have made them. Like this mask I wear, I saw it in book and I immediately practiced it,” she explained when she was a speaker in “Library Based on Social Inclusion in Strengthening Community Welfare in Pandemic Period” webinar which was held virtually on Tuesday (9/22/2020).

Meanwhile, literacy activist R. Wening stated that family has an important role in fostering literacy. From an early age, children must be instilled in reading habit. “In the family an atmosphere of concern for literacy must be created. Like providing a means of reading, such as room or a comfortable place for children to study and hone their knowledge,” she explained.

The Board of National Reading Interest Penitentiary Movement proposes book tour and reading tour to increase people’s reading interest. She will initiate this by completing books and instructions on chocolate in Kampung Cokelat which is the flagship of the regional library in social inclusion-based library transformation.

Senior Librarian of National Library (Perpusnas), Nelwati, stated that library transformation occurs in four elements, namely the transformation of functions, facilities, librarians, and users. Transformation of functions is where library must be able to seize new opportunities by adding value to the library, being able to keep up with the flow of development, expansion, and innovations so that it is interesting to visit. Meanwhile, transformation of facilities occurs where library developed service facilities in accordance with the times to make it easier for users to gain information and knowledge access. “Transformation of librarians is in which librarians are required to be able to think innovatively, creatively, and intelligently because they are managers of information and knowledge, also the thinking search engine,” she explained.

Library also undergo a transformation because users experience adjustments based on the use of technology. Now, library users are divided into two, namely digital native, visitors who are familiar with technology and internet, and digital immigrant who were not born in the digital era but must learn and adapt to new technology.  


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