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22 Sep 2020

Commission X of DPR RI Encourages National Library to Do Collaboration

Senayan, Jakarta – Commission X of DPR RI encourages National Library (Perpusnas) to strengthen collaboration with other Ministry/Agency, especially with Kemendes PDTT, Kemenkominfo, and Kemendikbud to be part of Perpusnas policy strategy in the future. This was conveyed by a member of Commission X of DPR RI, Andreas Hugo Pareira, Tuesday (9/22).

“For example, the intensive collaboration between Perpusnas and Kemendikbud. Education will advance if it is supported by an adequate library, especially in the regions. In other place, people can easily access the library through online system. This needs to be developed from a collaboration between Perpusnas and Kemenkominfo, so that all information can be integrated,” he said.  

The same thing was conveyed by a member of Commission X of DPR RI Ledia Hanifah Amalia. She encouraged Perpusnas to collaborate with Kemenparekraf regarding the use of Bung Hatta Proclamator Library and Bung Karno Proclamator Library as part of educational tour package in regions.

“This is an important thing that can be developed especially for the two UPTs which contain extraordinary historical values. Library is not only a place where people seek knowledge but also become an educational tour with interesting offers,” she explained.  

Responding to this, Director of Perpusnas Muhammad Syarif Bando agreed with the development of Bung Hata dan Bung Karno Proclamator Libraries to become educational historical tours.

In addition, library also plays a role in supporting Kemenparekraf program, namely 10 priorities tourist destination. “Currently, we are compiling a folklore of 10 tourist destinations set by the government. Perpusnas will also publish national biographical figures from the independence until today,” he said.


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