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22 Sep 2020

The Budget Ceiling of 2021 is Confirmed, Perpusnas Asked for Strategic Programs Collaboration

Senayan, Jakarta – Commission X of DPR RI approved the proposal for National Library (Perpusnas) budget ceiling of 2021 worth Rp. 675,539,800,000. In the single agenda for adjusting the Ministry/Agency Budget Work Plan (RKA K/L), Commission X also provides full support for programs that will be implemented by Perpusnas and assigns the Budget Agency (Banggar) to fight for it.  

In the RDP which was held face to face and virtual on Tuesday (9/22), Commission X would urge the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas and Ministry of Finance to increase the Perpusnas allocation in 2021. Member of Commission X of DPR RI Adrianus Asia Sidot said the amount of budget that has been determined, Perpusnas must be able to maximize its role in overcoming the low culture of literacy, innovation, and creativity in community.

“The amount of budget received by Perpusnas is very limited. In fact, the role and responsibility of Perpusnas seems quite heavy, namely as a centre of knowledge, community empowerment, and culture. However, budget effectivity and efficiency need to be considered in order to be right on target. Supervision is also tightened so that fraud can be minimized as much as possible,” said Adrianus. 

In line with Adrianus, Andreas Hugo Pareira asked that although the budget is still far from expectation, Perpusnas is expected to be more creative in using the budget. “Make sure that every output and outcome has an impact on literacy index improvement,” he said.

Andreas suggested that Perpusnas budget limitation could be overcome by inviting a number of related K/L to collaborate, such as Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo), and Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantage Regions, and Transmigration (Kemendes PDTT) in synergizing a number of strategic programs. 

“Perpusnas should not run alone. We believe education will advance if it is supported by an adequate library, especially in regions. If in other places, people can easily access library through online then it needs to be developed. Perpusnas can collaborate with Kominfo so that all information can be integrated,” added Andreas Hugo.        

Other support was also conveyed by a member of Commission X Ledia Hanifah Amalia who encouraged Perpusnas to do program collaboration with Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) regarding the use of Bung Hatta Proclamator Library and Bung Karno Proclamator Library as part of educational tour package in regions.

“I think this can be developed especially for the two Technical Implementing Unit (UPT) Proclamator Library which contain extraordinary historical values. So, the spectrum of library utilization is not only a place to seek knowledge but also an educational tour equipped with interesting offers,” she explained.

The enthusiasm was shown by Director of Perpusnas Muhammad Syarif Bando by approving and immediately arranging the development of Bung Karno and Bung Hatta Proclamator Libraries as educational historical touristic spots. “We are currently compiling folklore from 10 tourist destinations that have been determined by Kemenparekraf as an effort to encourage increased in tourism through local wisdom, including the publication of national biographical figures from independence,” explained Syarif Bando.

Another thing that is encouraged is the attention to the needs of library for people in 3T (disadvantaged, frontier, and outermost) area. Perpusnas was asked to prioritize the needs which are very limited in accessing library information and services. Also, the provision of reading materials must be adjusted to the geographic and demographic conditions of the community. From the explanation given, Perpusnas has even prepared an allocation to increase the competence of thousands of librarians and library staffs with a budget of more than one billion.

“Many private universities located in 3T area still lack of reading materials, library staffs, and limited ICT supporting facilities, as experienced in West Kalimantan,” continued Adrianus.

Responding to what was conveyed, Director of Perpusnas will invite universities in 3T area to join and become part of Indonesia OneSearch (IOS) community. “Until now, Perpusnas has established IOS connectivity to 1,350 libraries, including universities. However, it is admitted that school library is still not optimal, due to IT limitations,” concluded Syarif Bando.


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