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03 Dec 2020

Director of National Library: Library is Here to Raise the Community from Adversity

Salemba, Jakarta - In the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, social inclusion-based library transformation program has its own challenges. However, libraries can prove their existence and strategic role in developing the community. According to Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando, in this program library can directly involve in educating the community to rise from adversity.

"On this good opportunity, let's build synergy. Together we carry out a noble duty regardless of our position and wherever we are assigned. We have two tasks, the first is to educate the nation's children, the second to make them prosperous,” he emphasised at the closing of National Peer Learning Meeting for Social Inclusion-based Library Transformation Programme 2020 which was carried out online on Thursday (03/12).

According to Syarif Bando, this is carried out by library by means of providing assistance. Then it is proceeded with the provision of books on applied technology and the development of beneficiary community of social inclusion-based library transformation programme is continued to be monitored, so that they can feel the improvement in their welfare.

"Friends in the provinces, regencies/municipalities and literacy activists, let us show no matter how small our creativity is, we want to take a role in contributing to this nation. The first start is opening job opportunities, the second, increasing income per capita, and the third, hopefully contributing to the increase in our state budget," he added.

Syarif also invited all National Library partners in social inclusion-based library transformation programme to together ensure that the community can rise and prosper through literacy. "Because the goal of Indonesia's development is to lead Indonesian people towards a just, affluent, and prosperous society," he said.

In this event, National Library also awarded Best Library in Implementing Social Inclusion-based Library Transformation Programme 2020 in 3 categories, namely Best Provincial Synergy Team, Best Regency/Municipal Libraries, and Best Village Libraries. The Best Provincial Synergy Team in 2020, namely South Sulawesi, South Sumatra, Central Java, West Nusa Tenggara, and Bangka Belitung Islands.

Head of Library and Archives Services of Kudus Ninik Mustikawati as one of the Recipients of Award for Regency/Municipal Library said a strong commitment is needed to run and develop this social inclusion-based library programme.

"Through Peer Learning Meeting 2020 which was held by National Library, although online we learned how to overcome existing obstacles and challenges. All of participants and beneficiaries at this event also really inspired us to be able to implement the same thing in regional library down to village level," she said. Ninik also hopes that this activity can increase synergy and enthusiasm in forming library ecosystem and advancing libraries to create literacy for welfare.




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