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23 Oct 2020

National Library Presents Award to Best Librarian

Jakarta - Librarian from DKI Jakarta, Eka Meifrina Suminarsih was chosen as the first winner at National Best Achievement Librarian Competition 2020. Librarian from Research and Application of Technology Agency presents the innovation of Knowledge Management System. Meanwhile, second winner was Atin Istiarni (Central Java), a librarian from Muhammadiyah University of Magelang who presented the innovation of Repacking Information of Student Scientific Writing (KUI KIMMI) and the third place was won by Rizka Pratiwi (East Java), librarian from STKIP Al Hikmah Surabaya who brought Laskar Literasi (Librarian and Student Collaboration Programme to Create Literate Society).

The first favourite winner was librarian Meri Susanti (Bengkulu) from Muhammadiyah Bengkulu University, the second favourite place was won by librarian Yosefa Silaen (North Kalimantan) from Library and Archives Office of North Kalimantan, and the third favourite winner was Zulfa Kurniawan (DI Yogyakarta) from Library and Archives Service of DIY. National Library of Indonesia held National Best Achievement Librarian 2020 and was attended by 32 best librarians in Indonesia representing each province. The selection process took place on 18-23 October virtually including cognitive tests, presentations, as well as interviews. Announcement of winners will be carried out in Jakarta and broadcasted online on Friday (23/10/2020).

After being announced as the winner, Eka invited librarians to improve their competence to be professional and make a real contribution to society. In her opinion, library user satisfaction should be the main thing in library services. "Let us work together, let us prove to the world that we are building and educating Indonesian people towards an advanced, prosperous, just, and affluent Indonesia," she explained.

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando congratulated the champions and the participants. In his opinion, all participants were winners, especially in the field of librarianship and succeeded in showing their existence as librarians. Therefore, Syarif Bando emphasised again that creativity and innovation must be carried out and developed. Currently, the competitiveness of Indonesian human resources in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) region is ranked fourth, behind Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Even Global Competitive Report 2019 published by World Economic Forum, concludes that the competitiveness of Indonesian human resources is in position 50.

“Indonesia's greatest strength is its very large market and stable macro economy. In other indicators, Indonesia is still able to develop more. And then this report also explains that Indonesia has a fairly high level of technological adaptation. However, the capacity for innovation is limited although it continues to increase. What we need to pay attention to is large market, technology adaptation and innovation capacity," he explained.

According to Syarif, libraries and librarians can play a role in enhancing the competitiveness of Indonesian people. Libraries must be able to stimulate creativity and innovation in the surrounding community. This can be implemented through National Library of Indonesia programme, namely library transformation. Library should be a source of information, a place for discussion and growth, and libraries must provide tools to support creativity.

"As we know that library is a source of information, what we need to protect is how the collection management must be data-based and according to the needs and potential of community development, how local knowledge is managed, and transfer the knowledge," he said.

Syarif Bando hopes that the participants will become agents of change in the fields of libraries and librarianship. Participants are encouraged to have the ability to identify and analyse community conditions and development trends. "Librarians transform their library to suit the needs of society or library users," he concluded.

Meanwhile, Head of Librarian Development Centre, Opong Sumiati, in her report stated that usually the competition is held in August. However, this year, the competition was postponed from schedule, namely October because it is expected that Covid-19 will be over. "It turns out that is still ongoing, so it is carried out online. Hopefully next year it can be carried out as usual again," he said. Prizes in the form of money totaling tens of millions of rupiah for the winners were symbolically given through jury.

The following is a complete list of winners for National Best Achievement Librarian Competition 2020: Best first: Eka Meifrina Suminarsih (DKI Jakarta)

Second best: Atin Istiarni (Central Java)

Third best: Rizka Pratiwi (East Java)

First Best Favourite: Meri Susanti (Bengkulu)

Second Best Favourite: Yosefa Silaen (North Kalimantan)

Third Best Favourite: Zulfa Kurniawan (DI Yogyakarta)




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