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27 Oct 2020

Inaugurating Library Service Buiding of Merauke, Director of National Library Advises the Importance of HR for Development

Merauke, Papua--Merauke Regency Government is targeting to improve the quality of community resources. This is based on the large potential of Merauke's natural resources.

"We should not be proud of natural resources potential but are unable to manage it and do not have impact on the added value of the region," said Regional Secretary of Merauke Regency Ruslan Ramli at a talkshow on Increasing Community Literacy Index held by National Library of Indonesia in Merauke, Tuesday (27/10).

Regional Secretary continued that budget for library services is not large compared to the consistent education allocation of 20%. However, Regional Secretary hopes that library service can synergise the programme. It does not go alone. "Don't be counterproductive," added Secretary Ruslan.

Education problems are still big homework for Papua. This statement was revealed by Head Education, Library, and Archives Office of Papua Christian Sohilait on the same occasion. In fact, he admitted that the problem was raised to the mass media every day to get attention and solutions from all parties.

In particular, Christian mapped at least three major issues in Papuan education. First, the illiteracy rate in Papua that still exists. Second, the lack of provision of facilities and infrastructure suffered by almost all schools. And third, literacy questions that result from low interest in reading because the books are not attractive to students. Christian added that in Papua there are only 29 Community Reading Parks established and has 108 literacy activists. And the majority is in big cities.

"Another problem is that many librarians appear less attractive. Therefore, the concept of service and serving must be changed," said Christian.

According to Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando, the problems that occur in Papua are only a matter of behaviour and culture. Due to the lack of passion for reading, it is difficult to achieve the expected quality of literacy. If literacy is low, it will be difficult for people to be independent. Stand on your own feet.

"There is nothing wrong with taking positive things from Japan. The people there who are knowledgeable are more valued. Human resources are fundamental for the development of Papua and Merauke. So, it is important for the communities to improve the quality of their human resources," said Director of National Library.

Therefore, to overcome the lack of public interest in reading, libraries can adopt policies by increasing local content. At the end of the inauguration, Director of National Library and his entourage inspected every corner of library service building of Merauke which has just been built.



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