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11 Dec 2020

National Library Launches Tree Planting Movement

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta — In commemoration of Indonesian Tree Planting Day on November 28 and National Defense Day on December 19, National Library launched Tree Planting Movement as a form of contribution to state defense action. The activity was carried out at Main Lobby of National Library at Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 11 on Friday, (11/12).

Director of National Library, M. Syarif Bando, in his remarks explained that countries in the world question the export of some suspected products in which abuse occurs during its procurement and are damaging to the environment. Therefore, he invited library community, both employees and their families as well as visitors to love the environment.

"The world is increasingly aware of how the environment must be preserved and most importantly for all of us, that the formulation in Sustainable Development Goals is designed to ensure that every country is forced, not asked for awareness, but that we are forced to contribute in ensuring environmental sustainability," said Syarif.

Syarif hopes that all will take part in having environmental awareness, always planting trees and always donating. "Maybe there are one or two trees near our house, maybe when you pass by plants shop, it doesn't hurt to donate because this is also a long-term charity especially in pandemic era," he advised.

Present as speakers, Ambassador of State Defense, Olivia Zalianty, as well as a representative from Yayasan Generasi Lintas Budaya that cares about caring for environment and the earth. Olivia admitted that since the pandemic, planting and traveling around Indonesia had stopped and that was the first time today to plant trees again. On the occasion, she invited the participants to plant trees regularly because planting trees is the same as sowing seeds which will benefit our children and grandchildren in the future.

"Let's love the tree as much as we love ourselves. This earth is not only a legacy but also something we will pass on. Plant it and you will be presented with a friendly land for future generations,” said Olivia.



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