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30 Dec 2020

Good Library Performance, Able to Change Community’s Life

Salemba, Jakarta - Libraries in Indonesia are encouraged to use public benefit paradigm in measuring key performance indicators of library affairs. Libraries must be present to reach people and change their lives to be more prosperous.

Director of National Library of Indonesia, Muhammad Syarif Bando, stated that the parameter of library capability must be measured comprehensively and cannot be only with one variable. Library performance must be carried out hierarchically, from one activity to another and from one target to another.

"An example of one of parameters of library's identity is the availability of new library collection. But many people no longer need printed books, therefore libraries have to improve on how they have the ability to manage scientific resources according to human needs comprehensively," said Syarif Bando at “Measurement of Key Performance Indicators for Library Affairs” webinar held virtually on Wednesday (30/12/2020).

He emphasised that it takes librarian’s vision and ability and support from library community. In addition, library must experience changes in perceiving its existence. Libraries must be ready to face the dynamics of changing times in carrying out their functions.

"Outside, it is getting tighter, if we are stagnant on main tasks and functions like hundreds of years ago, then it is only a matter of time for library to be left behind. Therefore, talking about measuring key performance indicators for library affairs, now is a necessity. We are in the application of relativism theory, nothing is eternal," he explained.

Library must be able to meet human needs in all aspects, in order to maintain its existence. Librarians and library managers are encouraged to understand that it is their job to serve the community. "Therefore, librarian paradigm must change the perspective from a series of science classification laws to how to serve people with all their problems, with all their expectations, with all their hopes," he said.

Therefore, librarians and library managers should not complain about being underestimated. To elevate the dignity of librarians, Syarif Bando encourages them to change their mindset and work. "Make yourself the focus of attention, because we are the owner of knowledge. And do not humble ourselves by asking for attention," he concluded.




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