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21 Sep 2020

GPMB Rakornas 2020 One Village One GPMB

Salemba, Jakarta – Entering its 19th year, the Reading Interest Penitentiary Movement (GPMB) is targeting that by 2023, four provinces can form regional administrator (PD GPMB), increasing a number of 11 PD GPMB at province level that have been formed. And targeting 10 new PD GPMB at regency/municipal level considering there is only six percent of PD GPMB at regency/municipal level from the total of all regency/municipal in Indonesia. GPMB General Chairperson Thahjo Suprajogo prepared three important steps to strengthen its target.

“First, strengthening the organization and role of GPMB from central to village/subdistrict level. Second, programs, activities, and strategies of national and regional reading interest. And third, building networks and cooperation with various related parties at all levels, both central and regional,” explained the GPMB General Chairperson Thahjo at direction of the GPMB National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) which was held virtually on Monday morning (9/21).

Meanwhile, on the previous occasion, Deputy of Library Resources Development of National Library (Perpusnas) Deni Kurniadi said that the GPMB organization is a partner of Perpusnas. GPMB is expected to be able to help in realizing the development goals in RPJMN, namely forming superior and quality Human Resources (HR) which can be achieved through literacy. This means that the community must be equipped with adequate reading skill and knowledge. Library can facilitate by providing various training and economic empowerment for community.   

“This provision can be obtained by making library as an inspirator and maximizing the role of literacy community,” said Deputy of Library Resources Development of Perpusnas.

The theme “One Village One GPMB” which is raised at Rakornas this time received appreciation from Perpusnas. In line with the national literacy program launched by government, the program is automatically emphasizing human development to rural areas so that GPMB and Perpusnas can work together to create and drive literacy trough various activities of community independence and creativity that have an impact on improving welfare.

GPMB as a volunteer movement in the field of reading interest and community literacy intelligence improvement acts as a bridge that connects all literacy activists, organizations, and communities. “GPMB can create work programs, activities, and strategies of reading fondness civilization that are able to form smart and learner community,” added Deni Kurniadi.

GPMB Rakornas 2020 is discussing about material on strengthening, development, programs/activities, strategies, and cooperation of reading fondness civilization which are divided into commission meetings with facilitators namely PP-GPMB Regional V Coordinator Joharis Lubis, Head of PP-GPMB Family Reading Development Section Khusniyati Masykuroh, and Head III of PP-GPMB Cooperation Section Wachyudi Muchsin.


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