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20 Oct 2020

Literacy is the Capital to Upgrade Yourself

Salemba, Jakarta - Literacy is not just reading, but also understanding and being able to implement what has been read into our lives. For that reason, fondness of reading socialisation must be further developed. Because literacy also plays an important role in improving community's economy.

2045 is predicted to be Indonesia's golden year because tourism sector will provide the largest foreign exchange. As for the derivative sectors that will certainly support it originates from small and medium enterprises in culinary, transportation, housing, and so on. Based on these considerations, it is obligatory for business actors to understand the existing market, learn the necessary management systems, have good moral and technological knowledge.

"Library is a solution in improving the welfare of the nation. Technology is an important element and all can be obtained through books," said Member of DPR RI Commission X, Sofyan Tan.

Furthermore, Sofyan agreed with the statement that literacy has benefits in improving community's economy. By reading, people's life opportunities will be better because science and knowledge have been mastered.

"Entrepreneurs are not enough with money, upgrading themselves is an obligation," added Sofyan at "Literacy in Building Community’s Economy" Webinar held by National Library in collaboration with Library and Archives Office of North Sumatra, Tuesday (20/10).

Meanwhile, Head of North Sumatra Provincial Library and Archives Service, Halen Purba, understands that realising a smart society with literacy development requires tremendous effort.

"The basis is building a community that loves reading," said Halen.

As for the efforts that should be made to build a community that loves reading, in his presentation Halen said that the main measure is family's reading habit.

Halen Purba also said that libraries must be responsible for improving the quality of library service facilities and infrastructure, increasing the number of quality reading materials to improve skills, facilitating technical guidance for library managers, and developing digital or online-based library services.

Supporting the statement of Head of Library and Archives Office of North Sumatra Province, the last speaker, recipient of Social Inclusion-based Library Transformation Programme assistance, Samidi, invited internal and external local libraries to commit to collaborating in implementing fondness of reading programme.

"A sustainable program will have an impact where in the future people will be able to improve their quality, knowledge, and even income to fulfil their quality of life," said Samidi. "Literacy is able to build the quality of society in a better direction," he concluded.




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