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21 Sep 2020

National Library Again Holds a National Level of Village/Subdistrict Library Competition

Jakarta – Quality human resources with high competitiveness level are intelligent, adaptive, creative, innovative, skilled, and beneficial for the nation’s character building. Library in national development contribute greatly to build a knowledgeable society. Therefore, literacy culture must be further developed and civilized to all community both in city and village trough the role of library.

Since 2007, the National Library has issued a deconcentrating fund, one of which is “Village/Subdistrict Public Library Development Program” in Indonesia territory. In order to ensure the program functions effectively and efficiently, also to provide motivation and appreciation for the implementation and development of village/subdistrict library management. Every year, the National Library holds a “National Level of Village/Subdistrict Library Competition”. This competition is also intended to spur the creativity of village/subdistrict library managers in increasing the quality and intensity of library services for rural community so that people can be at the same level in obtaining information.

“The national level of village/subdistrict library competition which will be held this year is going to take place from September 21-30, 2020 and will be participated by 30 provinces. The provinces that are not going to participate in this competition included Maluku, North Kalimantan, Papua dan West Papua,” said Acting for the Head of Public and Special Library Development Centre, Upriyadi, as the Head of Competition Committee when giving a report at “National Level of Village/Subdistrict Library Competition” Webinar, Monday (9/21).   

Library, in this case village/subdistrict library act as centre of knowledge that is able to encourage innovation and creativity of rural community. In addition, as a centre for community empowerment, village/subdistrict library must be able to develop the community potential based on literacy to promote and preserve culture.

“Village library plays a very important role in providing sources of information in accordance with the needs of local community,” said Deputy for Library Resources Development, Deni Kurniadi when giving a speech at “National Level of Village/Subdistrict Library Competition” Webinar.


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