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02 Sep 2020

RDP between DPR and Perpusnas: Increase e-Books in AKB Period

Senayan, Jakarta – It is estimated that pandemic condition will continue as long as the anti-virus has not been found. Many distance learning (PJJ) and other jobs activities are still carried out on a limited basis. Library also have to adapt with the circumstances. Digital-based services and digital book procurement become ideal alternatives for user needs. This was conveyed by a number of the Commission X DPR RI members when holding a Hearing Meeting (RDP) with the National Library (Perpusnas) at the parliament complex on Tuesday (9/2).

Dede Yusuf, a member of Commission X, said social order during the pandemic had changed. PJJ cannot be predicted in the near future. Many employees have been dismissed; their work contracts have even been terminated. For the sake of life, the choice to sell online is an option. Home cooking business thrives. The impact of this condition, sales of cellphone and laptop jumped up to 200 percent.

“They got the tutorial from Youtube. Teaching tutorials can also be obtained easily from the same channel,” said Dede. Therefore, Dede suggested Perpusnas to make guidebooks and training modules. The pandemic condition is governmental momentum, especially Perpusnas in providing these books so that public does not stick to one source, namely Youtube.

All members of Commission X suggest Perpusnas to utilize the maximum of public’s behaviour patterns in using internet by providing creative contents containing the motivation on reading civilization.

The same thing was conveyed by Sofyan Tan. In the era of adapting to new habits, Perpusnas must think far ahead. Information technology must be put forward by increasing the collection of e-books. Perpusnas must be sensitive to the future condition of the nation. It is not impossible that one day library will be without rooms.

“Indonesia is a big country. However, the poverty rate is still high. Poverty is caused by the low quality of human resources,” he said.

Responding to a number of questions from council members, Director of Perpusnas Muhammad Syarif Bando said that the purpose of the nation being established was to educate the nation. Withour intelligence all roles of life cannot be played. Intelligence occurs because of the knowledge transfer process.

“There are only two process of knowledge transfer, namely through vocational and reading,” said the Director of Perpusnas.

Director of Perpusnas reminded that on various occasions, President Jokowi always emphasized the formation of superior human resources. One of the focuses of developing superior human resources can be achieved through the use of social inclusion-based library transformation to improve community welfare. Therefore, submission for a new budget in 2021 is mostly intended to improve the quality of human resources.

Another member of Commision X, Djohar Arifin Husin, felt the vital role of library. “The role of library is very vital. DPR will help to push the additional budget in 2021,” explained Djohar Arifin Husin.

In the RDP, Perpusnas proposed a (provisional) budget ceiling of 2021 as big as Rp. 675,539,800,000. Meanwhile, the submission for Physical Special Allocation Fund (DAK) of regional libraries is valued Rp. 10,925,129,942,073. The more than 10 trillion budget is a proposal from 1,178 proposals to build regional libraries physically.     


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