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16 Dec 2020

Director of National Library Inaugurates Library Building of Bombana Regency

Salemba, Jakarta – Director of National Library of Indonesia (Perpusnas) Muhammad Syarif Bando inaugurated Bombana Regency Library Building, Southeast Sulawesi, Wednesday (16/12) which is a result of special allocation fund (DAK) grant worth of 10 billion.

Syarif Bando said that the provision of special allocation funds (DAK) is a library commitment in supporting Government Law Number 23 of 2014, because in PP Number 18 of 2016 on regional apparatus, library is a fundamental mandatory affair that must have an institution.

"As a newly formed institution, it is impossible for the budget there to be increased, if there is no DAK it is impossible to raise it. This year, National Library has special allocation fund of 550 billion, one of which can be used for building construction," he explained.

It is said, DAK proposal by Bombana Regency Government is a commitment of local government to increase literacy, reflecting the vision of promoting how intelligence is built at every opportunity. "Whoever we are, our duties are only two, namely how to contribute to the intellectual development of the nation's children and how to make them prosperous to deliver a just and prosperous Indonesian people," he said.

In his opinion, currently library paradigm which previously only focused on collection management and knowledge management must be changed. "In the 20th and 21st centuries, when dealing with Google and Amazon, libraries must change their paradigm and cannot help but make a change in working mechanisms, and how to build human resources through knowledge transfer," he continued.

On this occasion, his party asked Bombana Regency government and the community to be able to write down the origins of Bombana, customs and potential resources.

"Hopefully this is the first step to lead people of Bombana to become a smart and prosperous society," he explained. Meanwhile, Regent of Bombana, Tafdil, expressed his gratitude for the trust of National Library which has provided special allocation fund to build a library service facility building. He said that he deliberately placed the library in office areas, so that it is easily accessible by the community.

 "Library is important thing in improving literacy and fostering interest in reading. "As for the beautiful and gorgeous Bombana library, it is expected that the community visit it in droves and read the collections there," he said.

In his opinion, based on a survey, Indonesians spend 9 hours holding gadgets. So, how can this be changed, these 9 hours can be used to read books. For this reason, his party also provides a reading corner located in public service mall. "I hope people who need services in public mall, can read while waiting for it," he continued.



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