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18 Dec 2020

National Library Destroyed 13,626 Inactive Archives

Karawang, West Java - National Library destroyed 13,626 inactive archives. The destruction was carried out on Friday (18/12/2020) at Indoarsip Karawang Archive Warehouse. Present directly in the process of destroying the archives, Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando was accompanied by Deputy for Library Resources Development, Deni Kurniadi, Head of Human Resources and General Bureau, Ahmad Masykuri, and National Library of Indonesia archivists. National Library entourage was received directly by CEO of Indoarsip, Herry Sudjatmiko and his staff.

The destroyed archives are National Library of Indonesia financial archives for the period 1992–2012 which have fulfilled the criteria for destruction based on the guidelines for disposal and saveguarding archives at National Library of Indonesia. The archives were then designated as National Library Destruction Archives List.

Director of National Library said that, archive disposal in an organisation needs to be carried out by bureaucratic organisations. "Disposing archives, including submitting or destructing archives, will reduce inactive archives that have no value for archival use, so this will reduce the accumulation of archives. In addition, good archive management is also an indicator of bureaucratic reform implementation," said Syarif Bando.

Herry Sudjamitko confirmed the awareness of the importance of managing archives by public agencies. In his opinion, many public bodies have collaborated with Indoarsip. "Almost all ministries, institutions destroy archives that are no longer in use here. There are also several institutions that work together in managing their archives," he said. "This is because Indoarsip is one of archival institutions that has received archival accreditation from National Archives of Indonesia," he added.

National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI), as the supervisor for the activities of government institutions in the field of archives, has approved destruction process for this archive. ANRI considers that the destroyed archives are in accordance with article 65 section (2) of Government Regulation Number 28 of 2012 on Implementation of Law Number 43 of 2009 on Archives. The archive itself is already included in National Library Facilitative Archives Retention Schedule.

In addition, the destroyed archives also have no historical use value. In addition to destroying archives, National Library is also exploring cooperation with Indoarsip in terms of archive management transfer knowledge. It is expected that this cooperation can improve the ability of archivists at National Library of Indonesia.



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