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17 Dec 2020

National Library Signs Performance Agreement and Hand Over of POK 2021

Salemba, Jakarta - National Library signed Performance Agreement (PK), as well as hand over of Activity Operational Guidance (POK) and Decree of APBN 2021 management team online and offline at Salemba Hall, Thursday (17/12).

In his direction, Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, said that Budget Implementation List (DIPA) that was received was immediately implemented for review and revision. The Commitment Making Officer (PPK) must understand all the implementation of all activity budget items contained in it.

"In carrying out purchases, there should be no mark-up or fiction. And we cannot carry out an activity without the approval of budget authority, in this case, Sestama," he emphasised.

In 2021, continued Syarif, we will not only talk about input, process, and output. It is important for all PPK, in this case echelon 2 officials who are supported by APBN managers, namely functional in the field of budget processing, as well as all staff, to understand the outcomes and impacts of APBN expenditures that have been submitted to National Library.

"How the limited budget given to us is able to produce the greatest result and impact. Therefore, it is necessary to read and understand it,” he continued.

Syarif asked that financial management in 2021 be carried out in an accountable, transparent, open manner, and based on collective decisions, so that the implementation of activities is in accordance with predetermined goals.

"I expect our awareness on the understanding that the era has changed drastically, all openness is in front of our eyes and has become a regulation. The parameter is our performance," he added.

Syarif advised that in spending state money, everything must be aimed at and oriented towards the interests of the people, especially during Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Prime Secretary of National Library, Woro Titi Haryanti reminded PPK to read, understand, analyse, and ensure the process of the DIPA that has been received. Not only input and output, but also understanding what is outcome and impact.

Woro advised that it is expected that Madya and Pratama High Executive Officers as well as the designated APBN managers, in an orderly and timely manner, report their performance achievements on DJA-KEMENKEU SMART application, both budget realisation and activity output according to the set time.

In the event, after the signing of performance agreement by Madya and Pratama High Executive Officers, it is continued with handover of work details for 2021 and POK 2021.




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