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01 Dec 2020

National Library Carries Out Audit of Information Security Management System

Salemba, Jakarta -Director of National Library of Indonesia, Muhammad Syarif Bando, delivers direction on Information Security Management System (ISMS) policy at National Library ISMS Assessment by British Standards Institution (BSI) at National Library of Indonesia theatre in Salemba, Tuesday (1 / 12/20). This activity was attended by BSI Audit Team led by BSI Client Manager, Raden Tjokro Partono and all staff from Data and Information Centre of National Library of Indonesia. Besides being held face-to-face, this activity is also conducted virtually using Zoom Meeting application.

In his direction, Director of National Library stated that ISMS policies and standards are used as reference in order to protect National Library's information assets from various forms of threats both from within and from outside carried out intentionally or unintentionally. In addition, Syarif Bando also emphasised that the existence of security and protection is to become the three main components that form the basis of information security, namely aspects of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets so that they are always secured and well maintained.

“The world is in a focus on creating a suitable application. On the one hand, in order to make the most of the developing information and on the other hand, namely application for processing the information obtained. In the end, from this information a data is generated,” said Syarif Bando. "National Library as an institution that carries out tasks within the scope of public service, on the one hand the information must be open and on the other hand there must be an application that can maintain the confidentiality of other information. Many people are always questioning and struggling with the issue of information availability but have never thought of creating an application to ensure that all data and information in any part of the world can be easily obtained,” he continued.

BSI is involved as a partner in conducting audits related to ISMS. Delivered by BSI Client Manager as head of the audit team, Raden Tjokro Partono, the plan for audit activities to be carried out is divided into two, namely Surveillance Audit and Extension to Scope Audit.

"Surveillance Audit is an annual audit which is required to maintain the certificates having been obtained and also to see whether National Library of Indonesia continues to carry out everything requested by ISO 27001: 2013 in an effective and efficient manner. Extension to Scope Audit is scope addition of the certificate having been given, so it can be seen whether in this new scope the needs of ISO 27001: 2013 have been implemented effectively or not, " The final result of this audit activity will be to find out whether National Library can be recommended for obtaining a new certificate or not.




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