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23 Dec 2020

Global Competition Parameter is Literacy Rate

Sumenep, East Java - National Library in collaboration with Library and Archives Office of Sumenep Regency held a seminar with the theme "Librarian Innovation and Creativity in Strengthening Community Literacy Index to Realise Superior Human Resources Towards Advanced Indonesia", on Wednesday (23/12). The event, which is held online and onsite, aims to cultivate fondness for reading to increase human development index in Sumenep Regency.

In his remarks read by Head of Library and Archives Office of Sumenep Regency, Regent of Sumenep stated, "The existence of national literacy movement can be the initial foundation for increasing public interest in reading if it is managed properly." With the improvement of community’s reading interest, there will be nation's progress that can even compete with developed countries.

In line with this, Director of National Library, M. Syarif Bando, emphasised, "In the development of the world globally, parameter of our current competition is level of literacy". He explained that literacy is no longer about the ability to recognize letters, the ability to recognize words, the ability to recognize sentences, the ability to recognize cause and effect relationships, and the ability to express opinions.

On the same occasion, Director of National Library of Indonesia appreciated the implementation of this activity which is a collaboration between National Library of Indonesia, regional government of Sumenep Regency, and the academic community.

"Actually, developed countries have long formulated their policy formations by unifying government, academics, and businessmen or industrialisation," he explained. Syarif further explained that the formation known as ABG (Academician, Businessman, Government) has long been applied abroad, such as in Western Europe, East Asia, even South Asia and East Europe. The application of these formations in practice is in the form of college alumni can be immediately absorbed by jobs owned by the industry which is built on the basis of government policies.

Meanwhile, Rector of Universitas Bahaudin Mudhary (Uniba), Rachmat Hidayat, explained that at Uniba, there are three types of literacy, namely, first literacy is with data literacy, second with technological literacy and third literacy in Uniba is human literacy.

"These three aspects cannot run alone but must be side by side, and the most important of these three types of literacy is human literacy," he said.




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