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29 Dec 2020

Increasing ASN’s Productivity in Digital Era and Covid-19 Pandemic

Salemba, Jakarta - It is very important for all types of libraries throughout Indonesia to perform their functions properly. According to Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando, a library in this modern era must be able to carry out its duties not only as an institution to manage collections alone. However, it must be able to implement the role in building human civilisation through a variety of information owned.

"The challenge that is still a tough task to be resolved is how to build the quality of human resources (HR) within National Library. Apart from that, it is also how to respond to changes in the workings of National Library such as during a pandemic like today," he said.

To obtain a uniform understanding of the management of state civil apparatus (ASN) and efforts to increase productivity in the digital era, National Library of Indonesia held a socialisation of ASN management for all of its employees online on Tuesday (29/12).

Head of National Civil Service Agency (BKN) Bima Haria Wibisana who was present as speaker said that an ASN must indeed be part of any changes that occur due to the presence of increasingly developing information technology. "The changes occur from various aspects. Starting from the aspects of work, place of work, and the workers themselves related to their work interaction patterns," he explained.

Unfortunately, in Indonesia, according to Bima Haria, there are still many ASNs who do not understand this at all and are reluctant to innovate. This can be seen in Indonesia's position in the 7th place in ASEAN on the Global Innovation Index. In fact, he said that innovation should come from each individual which will then have an influence on the readiness of the institution or institution in which ASN is located to face various changes.

Indonesia itself is experiencing changes that are so fast and coupled with various driving factors such as demographic bonus, the presence of industrial era 4.0, and the emergence of Covid-19 pandemic. This is of course a challenge in itself, especially for institutions that have not prepared themselves for these changes.

"Working in the new normal era has challenges such as increasing work volume, increasing demands for big data analysis and management, and increasing digital job interaction transactions," he said.

For this reason, in order to build productivity in the new normal era, according to Bima Haria, there are 4 important things that need to be considered, namely building a healthy culture, building a digital work environment, building a strong work team togetherness, and developing personal professionalism.



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