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30 Sep 2020

Submission of Archives, Evidence of Consistent Records Management

Jakarta - Primary High Leaders within the National Library of Indonesia are instructed to immediately submit archives, especially inactive archives, to the archive managers of National Library. Submission of inactive archives is proof of the seriousness from primary high leaders’ unit in managing records consistently and in accordance with applicable regulations. So that in the future, the management of archives within National Library is not neglected.

This was conveyed by Head of the National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando at the opening of the Technical Guidance for Dynamic Archives Management which was held virtually on Wednesday (9/30/2020). In accordance with Law Number 43 of 2009 article 9 paragraph 2, dynamic archives management includes vital archives, active archives, and inactive archives. In article 3, dynamic archives management is said as the responsibility of the archive’s creators, in this case the units within National Library.

"We have issued a circular to ensure that gradually all echelon one units are given time until October to instruct all primary high leaders in such a way so that in November the submission of inactive archives in all echelon one units is gradually carried out to the National Library archive managers," explained Syarif Bando.

Syarif Bando ensured that the National Library is committed to archives management. This commitment is manifested in several activities, including technical guidance for dynamic archives management and followed up with practices involving National Library archivists. In addition, National Library has formed an archives management team and central file development within the National Library.

"So, we must be able to ascertain how many inactive archives are produced by the National Library, after the management has been completed then later, we can organize them with JRA (archives retention schedule, red). And it is not impossible that some of the inactive archives might end up in the category of static archives which will then be stored in the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia," he explained.

In the list released by the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI), National Library is included in the list of state institutions that have submitted static archives of 2015-2019. National Library is ranked 13th out of 48 state institutions that have submitted, where there are 124 state institutions that have not submitted. Syarif Bando said he was proud of this achievement. He hopes that in the future, his staffs will continue to be committed to demonstrating the capacity and quality in archives management.

Currently, there are 14 archivists in the National Library. This number is considered insufficient because not all work units have archivists. Therefore, in the future, National Library will submit the need for archivists to the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform.

Technical Guidance is attended by archivists, structural officials, coordinators and sub-coordinators, certain functional officials and executors within the National Library.


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