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29 Sep 2020

Collection Provision and Processing, Key to Build Electronic Library

Jakarta - The National Library of Indonesia also contributed suggestions in the plan to form an electronic library at the State Civil Service Agency (BKN). Head of the Center for Bibliography and Material Processing of National Library, Suharyanto, stated that there are two things that must be considered before building an electronic library, namely the provision of digital collections and the processing of these collections or management. Regarding these two matters, National Library is ready to help in providing facilities to build an electronic library.

This was conveyed by Suharyanto in the Electronic Library Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the theme "Creating Electronic Library of Government Agencies that Effectively Enrich ASN Knowledge" which was held virtually on Tuesday (9/29/2020) by BKN.

"For the supply of digital collections, libraries of other institutions whose subscriptions are very limited for digital collection management, can cooperate with the National Library. So, the National Library provides collections, you only need to provide access or librarians for digital collection service," he explained.

Meanwhile for governance, Suharyanto said, National Library is ready to provide integrated library system (INLISlite) facilities and technical guidance on processing library materials for library management resources. INLISlite is a library automation application software that is built and developed by the National Library since 2011. INLISLite is a one-stop software for library managers to implement library automation as well as developing digital library/managing and serving digital collections.

According to him, an electronic library must be owned by an institution to encourage the acceleration of digital transformation so that the State Civil Service (ASN) is able to master digital literacy more quickly. In addition, digital library is also needed as a means for ASN to increase their competence and help ASN find new ideas.

Head of Publication and Media Relations Division at the Bureau of Public Relations, Law and Cooperation of BKN, Diah Eka Palupi, said that her party plans to develop a library with the Electronic Library Program to answer ASN's needs for information on staffing that is fast and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

This is in accordance with the mandate of BKN Regulation No. 2 of 2020 concerning the Organization and Work Procedure of BKN in which the Documentation Subdivision is the manager of library. It is hoped that the management of electronic library can make a real contribution in enriching ASN knowledge. The FGD aims to gather initial input regarding the steps that must be taken to compile a program that can eventually create an effective electronic library.


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