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23 Sep 2020

Knitting Skills to Reach Prosperity

Blitar Kota, East Java - Social Inclusion-Based Library Workshop packaged in Hastakarya Literacy with the theme Knitting Skills for Prosperity was held again by Bung Karno Library, Tuesday-Wednesday (9/22-23/2020) at Bung Karno Library Amphitheater, the event, which was attended by 65 participants from various circles of society, continued to implement health protocols by wearing mask, maintaining distance and washing hands, and these facilities were also provided by Bung Karno Library. Starting the Hastakarya Literacy activity, an attractive dance called the Gelangrum dance from Sanggar Patrialoka is presented, it means joyfully making creations, skills and working together to make something that can be useful for others. This interesting dance received appreciation from the Head of Bung Karno Library, Janti Suksmarini and the Head of Information and Cooperation Service Field Agus Sutoyo. The event was also attended by representatives of the Library and Archives Service Office of Blitar Regency/Municipal, the Tourism and Culture Service Office of Blitar City, PKK women and other invitations.

In her remarks Janti Sukmarini said that library has an important role in the effort to create superior, independent and competitive human resources in the global era. This is in accordance with the role of library in creating knowledgeable and skilled communities. Therefore, reading fondness and utilizing library services must be instilled so that it can become part of people's daily lives. Janti also added that library is an open space for people to enhance knowledge as a prerequisite for participation in development and contribute actively to support human development, in an effort to accelerate poverty reduction caused by connectivity issues on knowledge resources, availability of resources to improve self-competence and currently library carry out a transformation in providing services to the community so that it can provide greater benefits.

Meanwhile, Agus Sutoyo in his introduction to the book launching Cerita Setelah Fajar dan Jejak Sang Putra Fajar which was the result of a previous social inclusion workshop said that Bung Karno Library program continues to get closer to the community directly, especially in Blitar City and Regency, so the community will improve their knowledge and skills which later can help to increase their productivity. This workshop brings the community closer. Social inclusion-based library is an effort to increase access for public to get the information they need. So there is a learning process that encourages people creativity and innovation to be productive so that it has an impact on their welfare. "The Bung Karno Library's programs and activities are present in the community and change the paradigm. Library is not only a space to read, but a space where people change civilization, mindset, creativity, and other positive things," he said.

This Hastakarya literacy workshop will produce creative knits from various recycled materials, such as used t-shirts, plastic bags, mineral water plastic bottles and others which are formed into economical products for household needs. This workshop was guided by a professional mentor in the field, namely the Chairman of the Indonesian Knitting & Crafting Community Ari Asih Pratiwi from Bogor, West Java.

Bung Karno Library has implemented a social inclusion-based library program by carrying out four workshops, namely Literacy in popular scientific creative writing about Bung Karno, Historytelling Literacy about Bung Karno, Mustikarasa Literacy: Bung Karno's Legacy of Indonesian Cuisine Recipes, and Hastakarya Literacy. Greetings! Always stay healthy and SALAM LITERASI. **


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