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22 Sep 2020

Strengthening the Role of Library to Improve Community Welfare

Jakarta - Library as a place for lifelong learning that have the function of information and knowledge center must be transformed into a place for community self-development in improving welfare. Moreover, as stated in Law Number 43 of 2007 concerning Library, the community has the right to obtain services and utilize library facilities, including people with disabilities and those who are isolated and remote.

The National Library of Indonesia through a social inclusion-based library transformation program is trying to do this. By strengthening the role of public library, the quality of human resources is improved so that literacy skill increase and lead to the increased of public creativity and gaps in access to information.

"This background underlies the National Library as supervisor of all types of library with the support of Bappenas to take the initiative to implement a social inclusion-based library transformation program," said Deni Kurniadi, Deputy of Library Resources Development of the National Library.

In his remarks on the webinar "Library Based on Social Inclusion in Strengthening Public Welfare in Pandemic Period" which was held virtually on Tuesday (9/22/2020), Deni emphasized that apart from providing reading sources to explore information and knowledge, library required to facilitate the community by training and skills aimed at community socio-economic empowerment.

"With these efforts, it is hoped that individual performance will increase, library systems and organizations will be strong, so that it will have an impact on improving the quality of library services and also the use of library for the community will automatically increase literacy. Library transformation based on social inclusion is a library service approach that is committed to improve the quality of life and welfare of community," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Library and Archives Service Office of Blitar Regency, Herman Widodo, stated that his party is aggressively implementing a social inclusion-based library transformation program to improve community welfare. The covid-19 pandemic did not stop him to run this program. Herman believes that internet access which is easier to reach makes library continue to bring benefits to the community.

Community literacy enhancement facilities were provided to hundreds of people through practical training in making and creating processed products for skills, handicrafts, and soft skills guided by experienced speakers based on knowledge from library collections. All information is shared to the public online.

"We, as a regional library, will compile a system, an infrastructure that is able to accommodate the practical knowledge of the community so that other people can benefit from this knowledge. The form of knowledge can be in videos, guides to run something, documents, and so on. We know this system as knowledge management,” he explained.

Herman mentioned the success of the program in his area, namely the dissemination of knowledge on how to farm chocolate from cocoa farmers in Kademangan, how to cultivate koi fish from fish farmers in Nglegok, and how to raise both broiler and laying chickens from chicken breeders in Srengat and Wonodadi area.


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