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21 Sep 2020

15 Senior High School/MA Finalists Enter the Final Round of Library Competition Assessment

Salemba, Jakarta - As many as 15 schools entered the final round of assessment for the National High School/MA Library Competition. Participants are taken from the result of a tiered selection held at the regency/municipal and provincial levels.

The event is expected to motivate the implementation of school/madrasah libraries based on national standards of library so that they are able to provide excellent service to the school community and its surrounding.

Deputy of Library Resources Development of the National Library, Deni Kurniadi, said in order to create quality and competitive human resources, the adaptive, creative and innovative human resources are needed. And school/madrasah library is part of these ideals.

In accordance with the mandate of Library Law Number 43 of 2007, National Library has the task of coaching, evaluation development and coordination of the management of various types of library and developing national standards of library.

"Currently, no less than 1,257 school libraries have met the standards of the National Library. However, this number is still small when compared to the total school libraries in Indonesia,” he explained at the direction of the Field Visit and Final Assessment of the National Senior High School/Madrasah Library Competition which was held virtually on Monday (9/21).

Deni added, there needs to be a special policy in the development of school and madrasah library in accordance with national standards. We expect full local government support to implement these library standards.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion Head of the Center for School/Madrasah and College Library Development of National Library Nurcahyono said that these 15 finalists were participants who had taken the tiered assessment stage in each region.

"Different from previous years, the final visit and assessment activities were conducted virtually. Even so, it does not reduce the judges' assessment," he said.

There are nine components in the assessment, including library organization, library building or room, facilities and infrastructure, library budget, management staff, collections, library material processing, and library promotion (services, library collaboration, programs and activities). In addition, there is also an assessment of the reinforcing components, such as achievement, appreciation, creativity, innovation and commitment.


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