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18 Sep 2020

Collaboration to Create Library based on Local Culture

Salemba, Jakarta - In today's digital era, library is no longer the only source of information for the public. The spread of information has forced the public to be smart in sorting and choosing so they do not get caught up in false or hoax information. Especially in the midst of current pandemic condition, the existence of library as a source of healthy information for the public is something that is expected.

"The presence of a library is needed as a medium of light in the midst of hustle and bustle of information. Therefore, the role of library as a vehicle for shared learning must be strengthened. This is done in order to create a knowledgeable society," said Deputy of Library Resources Development of the National Library of Indonesia, Deni Kurniadi, in a Webinar on the Civilization of Reading Fondness with a theme "Library, Literacy and Local Wisdom", on Friday (9/18).

Library and literacy have links in efforts to preserve local culture. Library play a role in saving many written relics and other cultural civilizations that could become extinct due to eroded time. This is in line with the three directions of National Library 2020-2024 policy, one of which is to improve the management, preservation and use of library materials and ancient manuscripts as documentary heritage of the nation's culture to foster Indonesian cultural values and local wisdom.

Meanwhile, the President of Indonesian School Information Professional Workers Association (APISI) Hanna Chaterina said local culture and wisdom can be elaborated as materials for library program development. Take advantage of school library as one of the mediums. The goal is that students can understand and appreciate the wealth that is generated from a culture since an early age so it is hoped that awareness and responsibility will arise to preserve the existing local culture and wisdom.

Hanna said that collaboration and networking with various related parties is a key to the success of how to develop library programs through local culture and wisdom.

"In practice, the local culture-based library program requires collaboration and comprehensive support from school officials and community," she continued.

On the same occasion, Director of Cultural Development and Utilization of the Ministry of Education and Culture Restu Gunawan said based on data compiled by Bappenas and the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), literacy culture in the Cultural Development Index is at a score of 55.03. This number is still far from what being targeted. Even though in fact, Indonesia has extraordinary cultural wealth.

Cultural wealth is full of local wisdom, such as oral traditions, manuscripts, languages, traditional technologies and arts. These are the many potential benefits to be exploited positively in developing character education and cultural diplomacy.

"The government cannot work alone; it must be done jointly and by cross-sector. Making this a joint activity with the name Local Wisdom System-Based Literacy Movement for the advancement of Indonesia," he said.


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