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29 Nov 2020

The Highlight of KORPRI’s 49th Anniversary Commemoration. President Jokowi: ASN's Perspective Must Be Result Oriented

Salemba, Jakarta - The State Civil Apparatus (ASN) must adjust their perspectives to a results-oriented perspective and continue to actively follow the advancement of science and technology. This was conveyed by President Joko Widodo in his remarks at the highlight of KORPRI's 49th anniversary commemoration.

Joko Widodo emphasized this perspective is important to accelerate the process of bureaucratic reform within the State Civil Apparatus. "We must continue to accelerate bureaucratic reform along with the structural reform that we are carrying out. The Covid-19 pandemic has provided momentum to change the normal way to the extra normal way, from the usual methods to extraordinary methods, from long and complicated procedures to brilliant smart shortcuts," said Joko Widodo.

The implementation of a simple, effective, and fast bureaucratic process will be successful if the bureaucratic apparatus can be adaptive to current technological advances. "This is a momentum where most of the people have to work from home, so that it accelerates digital transformation and makes the bureaucratic apparatus more adaptive and skilled in utilizing technology by putting forward innovation and creativity," he emphasized.

Another thing that concerns the President is the structural reform of bureaucracy. The fat and overlapping government institutional simplification must be trimmed to speed up decision making. Long and rigid SOPs should also be made more concise, flexible and result-oriented.

Apart from bureaucratic and structural reforms, President Joko Widodo also reminded the role of ASN in carrying out national duties. The existence of ASN in all parts of Indonesia to remote borders of the country and villages is a unifying node for the nation that always secures and practices the values of Pancasila and obeys to the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia, continues to maintain the Unity in Diversity, tolerance and harmony values. "You should do the best possible of his noble task. The existence of ASN in all parts of Indonesia is also to deliver the news of the national development program to the community, active in community education, to be an example in social life and become a motor of development and changes, especially for people in rural and remote areas," said Joko Widodo.

The commemoration of KORPRI's 49th Anniversary on November 29, 2020 is carrying the theme "Contribute, Serve and Unite the Nation". This activity was carried out in a simple way, by means of a virtual video conference, with main event in the form of remarks and directions from the President, as well as joint prayers from all religion in Indonesia.

The National Library KORPRI management attended this event virtually from the Hall of the National Library of Indonesia in Salemba, UPT Bung Karno Library, and UPT Bung Hatta Library.


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