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25 Nov 2020

The Director of National Library Encourages Introducing Regional Potentials through Local Content Books for Students

Salemba, Jakarta - The School Library Forum again held a webinar entitled School/ Madrasah Library Service Innovation in the Pandemic Era in Support of Online Distance School Teaching and Learning Process on Wednesday (11/25). On this occasion the Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando encouraged the importance of awareness from various parties to provide reading materials about local content as a source of literacy for students in schools to introduce various potentials of human and natural resources around them.

"School is not only learning about universal laws that apply such as mathematics, physics, or chemistry, but far more important than that is to teach about local content or the potential of Indonesia's abundant natural resources. Because when we talk about education, we talk about how to instill nationalism and belief in the next generation that Indonesia is a big country," he said.

But unfortunately this has not been accompanied by good school library management. According to Syarif Bando, the current problem is the poor condition of school libraries, especially elementary and junior high schools.

"Attention to school libraries is the last concern because there is no budget. There is no budget for the procurement of collections other than used books and there are no school library personnel. Those accredited are still very small, even though the number of school libraries is very large," he added.

In addition, talking about changes to improve the quality of facilities and infrastructure, education providers including teachers and parents, as well as the quality of learning, Syarif Bando continues to invite various parties, especially the provincial and regency/municipal governments to encourage all elements of society in their regions to participate in writing about various matters related culture, the potential of natural and human resources to meet people's needs for reading materials.

In addition, the National Library also presents various digital library applications such as iPusnas, Khastara, and IOS which can be accessed for free and easily to provide students with options in choosing media for literacy activities.

Chairman of the Commission X of DPR RI Syaiful Huda who attended the event appreciated the various innovations made by National Library in an effort to provide access to digital reading. Syaiful also mentioned about the existence of school library as the vanguard in building student literacy in Indonesia.

"In my eyes, school library is the vanguard for the intellectual movement of Indonesian children. So, what was conveyed by the Director of National Library regarding the level of school library ability to manage management, the level of books supply in our school libraries which is so minimal is once again an important note," he said.

According to Syaiful, the existence of the School and Madrasah Library Forum is very important in changing the face of Indonesian literacy in the future. The policy encouragement to regional heads conveyed regarding the provision of APBD, both Regency/Municipal/Province and APBN is very important to encourage the existence of school libraries.

Head of Amarta Library at SMAN 1 Bantul Sutrisno, as the Winner of the National High School Library Competition 2020, admitted that he is very grateful for the opportunity that National Library has given to all school libraries to participate in this competition so it motivate all librarians to always provide the best service.

"We are increasingly motivated to make the school library a center of learning, a center for developing teaching and learning activities for students and teachers, a research center, as well as a fun recreation center," he said.


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