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24 Nov 2020

College Libraries are Encouraged to Make Service Innovations

Salemba, Jakarta - The Covid-19 pandemic has confirmed a point of view regarding the concept of the industrial revolution 4.0 that has become an important part of our lives, including supporting activities in library management and organization efforts, especially within college library.

This was conveyed by the Deputy of Library Resources Development of the National Library Deni Kurniadi in a webinar organized by National Library in collaboration with Indonesian Higher Education Library Forum (FPPTI), with the theme "New Order for College Librarianship in the Pandemic Era", Tuesday (11/24).

"Today's library paradigm has changed from merely serving users to a concept that empowers people with the aim of improving the quality of life to improving the economy by utilizing development in information or digital technology," he said.

Currently, continued Deni, the condition of college libraries has various obstacles. Among them, the institutional status of the library has not all referred to the applicable regulations and in accordance with the National Library Standards, as well as unequal library access so that all academics enjoy library services.

"To ensure the implementation of standards, conformity assessment is required through accreditation or certification. From the number of college libraries which reached 2,057, the number of accredited college libraries only reached 357 or 17.35 percent," he continued.

Head of the Center for School / Madrasah and College Library Development, Nurcahyono said, the existence of college library has a major contribution in building a knowledgeable society through collective efforts to foster a reading tradition and culture in society. This is in line with Indonesia's vision in 2045 which demands quality, productive human resources and mastering technology.

"It can be achieved if we carry out our duties and functions optimally, find new innovations and other services creativities, especially during the current pandemic," he said.

Furthermore, Nurcahyono said, currently we are experiencing an educational emergency because of the Covid-19 pandemic which has not been completed and has an impact on the quality and quantity of education. For this reason, library is present to be a solution to this problem.

"With the Covid-19 condition, it becomes a challenge for library staffs to improve our services to support this educational emergency, so that the quality of education increases".

Meanwhile, Head of the UPT Library of the University of Indonesia, Utami Budi Rahayu Hariyadi said, it is important for librarians to have soft skills to support their works. Such as, the ability to listen actively what is expressed by users, as well as good communication skills.


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