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24 Nov 2020

Agents of Change are Encouraged to Advance the National Library of Indonesia

Jakarta - The National Library of Indonesia continues to encourage its employees so that in carrying out the main duties and functions of the agency, it will have an impact on the community. Therefore, the role and function of the National Library both as a builder of libraries throughout Indonesia and the direct services provided to the community must be felt by all stakeholders.

The Director of the National Library of Indonesia, Muhammad Syarif Bando, stated that recognition or testimony from all stakeholders is needed to improve the performance of National Library in accelerating the implementation of bureaucratic reform. This was conveyed by Syarif Bando in a workshop themed “Improving the Quality of Agents of Change in the National Library of Indonesia” which was held face-to-face and virtually on Tuesday (11/24/2020).

Syarif Bando emphasized that agents of change must become figures, pioneers, and inspirers in the changes made by the National Library. They are encouraged to strive to advance the National Library on all fronts, have talents and are role models in every way. Therefore, agents of change and all employees must undergo mental reform regarding the bureaucracy and duties as servants of the state and society. Employees are encouraged not to work arbitrarily and with full dedication.

"If in the body of an ASN of the National Library never realizes that he/she is an honorable person who is given the opportunity by the state with all aspects of his/her life being facilitated by the state, if this is not embedded, and then the intention arises to just coming like that to the office, from it we can say this is the forerunner of the difficulty of increasing library performance," he explained.

Agents of change as part of the implementation of bureaucratic reform at the National Library must be able to communicate a new paradigm regarding library as center of information and knowledge. This must be done both internally among employees and externally, namely to the general public.

"So to all agents of change, have a broad perspective which not only talking about agents of change within National Library. It is about how to change the library paradigm of the 18th century which only focused on collection management, then moved to the 19th century that only focused on knowledge management, but now is the era of knowledge transfer in the 21st century, where we compete with a number of start-up information service providers," he explained.

Meanwhile, MC Hilbram Dunar who was one of the speakers stated that ideally, an agent of change should be able to carry out assertive communication. Positive and negative messages, he said, must be well received by others. In delivering messages, agents of change must meet two main criterias, namely trustworthiness and convincing.

"Not the subject matter, but who is the teacher. Therefore, you must have the ability to be well received, trusted and able to convince because it means you have good communication skills,” he said.

Hilbram emphasized that vocal and body language are the important elements to achieve this. Hilbram reminded the audience to maintain the articulation of the voice, the speed of speech, the breathing process, and always smile so that the vocal could be heard properly. In addition, body language is always maintained to get the attention of other people or the audience.

Head of the Bureaucratic Reform Team of National Library Sri Marganingsih stated that bureaucratic reform was carried out to improve good governance and was carried out gradually and sustainably. Bureaucratic reform is expected to increase the capacity and accountability of performance, improve the quality and professionalism of the National Library's human resources. She hopes that agents of change able to communicate program activities, become drivers of change, and become employees who inspire and provide positive benefits for others.


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